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Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be easily duplicated, due to this, it cannot be sold to another user once the product key is revealed to a customer, as it is automatically considered as ‘used’. For this reason, we reserve the rights described here to issue a refund. We will evaluate the following conditions:

If you have problems with a product, contact our support team to try to solve the problem or to request to start the refund process:


Problems when placing an order

1. A refund will be assessed within the first seven (7) days from the date of purchase if:

  1. The download links of the product were dropped during that period.
  2. The user’s order will never be ‘Confirmed’ due to a system or human error, from the moment the customer makes the payment or from the moment he reports the payment in the case of payment methods in cash.
  3. The product key does not work at the time of installation. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances will refunds be made if the user is attempting to activate a Full Edition with a N Edition key or vice versa.
  4. The user has previously contacted our support team to try to solve the problem without success.

Problems during the of the product lifetime

2. Will be assessed a change of Product Key if:

  1. The Product Key ceases to function on its own in the lifetime of the product.
  2. The user did not attempt to install the product more than three (3) times on the same computer because as described in the purchase conditions, the product includes two (2) activations, automatically over the Internet or by telephone through the Microsoft Activation Center .
  3. The user did not attempt to install the product on another computer. If this is the case, the user must purchase another Product Key.
  4. The user made no significant changes to the hardware of the computer.

3. In no way will a refund be issued or a Change of Product Key will be made if:

  1. The user has shared the product key with other people or tried to install the key on another computer.
  2. After purchasing, the user requests a refund with the basis of ‘This is not the edition I need’.
  3. The product purchased is not compatible with the customer’s equipment.
  4. The user requires a tax invoice.

In case the reimbursement is approved, take into account that it may take up to 45 days to be returned by the Payment Processor such as Pay Dollar, PayPal or MercadoPago.

FINAL NOTE: These refund policies are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


This is the Refund, Repair and Return Policy of JVM Tech, and applies where you make a purchase online from www.msofficeworks.com .

If you wish to view the refund, return or repair policies of  MSOfficeWorks.com.


Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your order.


If any goods arrive damaged, please contact us as soon as possible.  MSOfficeWorks will arrange to have the damaged goods returned to a MSOfficeWorks store and either arrange for a replacement of the goods or refund the price to you. Damaged goods must be returned in the condition received by you with all original packaging, accessories and/or manuals.


Refunds will be processed by the relevant MSOfficeWorks franchise and will normally be processed within 3 days.


Where MSOfficeWorks considers the goods to have breached a consumer guarantee, any shipping costs to return the goods to MSOfficeWorks.


You may return goods we have delivered to you by mail by contacting us.

You may also contact or attend the MSOfficeWorks where you collected your goods, or where your goods were despatched from, and aMSOfficeWorks staff member will assist you with any return or repair. This may include inspecting the goods, arranging for the goods to be sent for repair, or providing you with a replacement.

Goods must be returned within a reasonable time. This timeframe may vary from product to product and may depend on the type of product you purchased and the price you paid.

If any goods cannot be easily returned to us or a MSOfficeWorks store, due to their size, the fault or because they have been affixed or installed in your premises, please contact us and we will arrange an inspection to assess the goods.

Goods returned for repair will be assessed and/or repaired within a reasonable time. You may be provided with an indicative repair time, which time may vary due to reasons beyond ours or the repairer’s reasonable control, such as part availability and incorrect fault description.

You may be required to pay labour, assessment and/or freight fees, such as where goods are assessed to have been damaged by misuse or accident, or where your rights under the Consumer Law or any manufacturer’s warranty do not apply. We may provide you with an indicative fee, which fee may vary due to reasons beyond our control.

If any goods that you return are capable of retaining user generated data such as files stored on a hard drive, telephone numbers stored on a mobile phone and songs stored on a portable media player, the replacement or repair of the goods may result in loss of the data. In these circumstances, we recommend you back up data to prevent data loss, and remove sensitive or confidential data, as a party assessing and/or repairing your goods may be required to view data in the course of carrying out the assessment. We will not be responsible for any data loss.

In some circumstances, goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

This Refund, Return and Repair Policy is applicable to purchases made from via msofficework.com only.

At MSOffice Works ( a product of JVM Tech system ) we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase.

We therefore recommend you read our Refund, Return and Repairs Policy prior to you making a purchase from MSOffice Works ( JVM Tech ) , so you are familiar with our policy on refunds, returns and repairs and your rights under the U.S.A & United Kingdom Consumer Law.

We also recommend you immediately inspect any goods that we deliver to you or that you collect from a JVM Tech store, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the goods, including that the goods are of acceptable quality, and match the description we have provided to you.

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